General Fusion Lunch & Learn May 30, 2014

On May 30, 2014, OCI is hosting an event with Michael Delage and Alex Fallon of General Fusion.  General Fusion is a Canadian developer of nuclear fusion technology and was featured in last years Future of Nuclear conference.  This session will outline the supply chain opportunities with Canada’s leading nuclear fusion company.

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More on General Fusion…

“Established in 2002, General Fusion has grown to 65 employees and raised over $50M. The company is supported by leading energy venture capital funds and industry leaders, including: Sustainable Development Technology Canada, NRC-IRAP, Chrysalix Energy Venture Capital, Bezos Expeditions, Business Development Bank of Canada and Cenovus Energy. General Fusion is gathering global attention due to its progress with developing magnetized target fusion technology.

Fusion energy holds immense promise as a clean, safe and abundant energy source.  Fusion generates neither pollution nor greenhouse gases that drive climate change. Fusion energy is fueled by hydrogen isotopes, which are easily extracted from seawater. There is enough fusion fuel to power the planet for hundreds of millions of years.

As Canada explores its nuclear innovation strategy, fusion is gathering more attention. Recently, Jacques Besnainou, Former President & CEO of Areva Inc., joined the General Fusion Board of Directors. Fusion presents potentially huge opportunity for Canadian nuclear suppliers.  General Fusion is a private enterprise tightly focused on developing a commercial fusion reactor (100MW) and is on track to construct a fusion reactor alpha plant within four years.”

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PWU and OCI promote nuclear over wind power

The Power Workers’ Union (PWU) and the Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries (OCI) issues a press release promoting investment in nuclear power generation instead of further investment in wind power.

The press release was based on a report from Strategy Policy Economics Inc.  It posits two scenarios.  The first scenario sees an expansion of Ontario’s wind farms and natural gas power stations to compensate for the intermittency of wind power.  The second scenario would scale back the growth of wind power in favour of refurbishing existing nuclear plants and building new ones.  According to the report, investing in nuclear power represents a $60 billion net incremental increase to Ontario, when compared to retaining wind power.  They also predict a 108 million tonne reduction in greehouse gasses in the nuclear scenario.

The report and the press release that followed come just as the Government of Ontario reviews its Long Term Energy Plan (LTEP), created in 2010.


PRESS RELEASE: New study concludes that nuclear generation is the best investment for Ontario’s energy future, Power Worker’s Union,

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