Panellists for Future of Nuclear Seminar #2 – Human Resource Requirements of Refurbishment

The Future of Nuclear team is pleased to announce the panellists for the upcoming seminar on March 4, 2014 regarding the human resource requirements of nuclear refurbishments.  Below are the experts who will discuss the topic.


Mark Arnore, Vice President, Refurbishment Execution, Ontario Power Generation

George Bereznai, Professor and Director, Industry Training Programme, UOIT

Patrick Dillon, Business Manager, Provincial Building and Construction Trades Council of Ontario

George Bereznai, Dean, School of Energy Systems and Nuclear Science, UOIT

Patrick Dillon, Business Manager, Provincial Building and Construction Trades Council of Ontario


In our first seminar Assistant Deputy Minister (ADM) Rick Jennings described the nuclear energy components of Ontario’s Long Term Energy Plan (LTEP). Although the Province has said no to new nuclear at the moment, refurbishment plans for Bruce and Darlington plants are scheduled to start in 2016 and carry on until 2031. Collectively, Bruce and Darlington represent the majority of Ontario’s base load power and 50% or more of the total energy mix. Refurbishment will create tens of thousands of jobs requiring skilled workers, professionals, researchers, academics, managers and executives. This human resource base will not only serve Ontario, but will also serve as the foundation for Canada’s export efforts in supporting supply chains of growing nuclear energy jurisdictions. How many jobs will actually be created? What skills and expertise will be needed? How will organizations build and transfer the corporate and tribal knowledge to new generations of engineers, workers and professionals? What other related industries will grow as a result? Will Canada become a leader in infrastructure finance, energy systems design and deployment?

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PWU and OCI promote nuclear over wind power

The Power Workers’ Union (PWU) and the Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries (OCI) issues a press release promoting investment in nuclear power generation instead of further investment in wind power.

The press release was based on a report from Strategy Policy Economics Inc.  It posits two scenarios.  The first scenario sees an expansion of Ontario’s wind farms and natural gas power stations to compensate for the intermittency of wind power.  The second scenario would scale back the growth of wind power in favour of refurbishing existing nuclear plants and building new ones.  According to the report, investing in nuclear power represents a $60 billion net incremental increase to Ontario, when compared to retaining wind power.  They also predict a 108 million tonne reduction in greehouse gasses in the nuclear scenario.

The report and the press release that followed come just as the Government of Ontario reviews its Long Term Energy Plan (LTEP), created in 2010.


PRESS RELEASE: New study concludes that nuclear generation is the best investment for Ontario’s energy future, Power Worker’s Union,

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